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Now you can come to Sweden and show us how to do those techniques! i want to copy both of them! More photo's PLesSE!

eek, look at me, glad it's blurry! It was *great* to meet you as well! Wished I would have taken the portfolio class too...ahhh next time right?!

I swear, is she your sister? You'll could claim kin. I can't believe you did both projects in one day. I love both.

Wow, great accomplishments! Completed projects!! Looks like so much fun---some day we'll link up---either at an event or just because... the portfolio.

You lucky girl! I'm hoping to get to take some Donna classes sometime! The projects look very cool! :)

He, he, it is such a thrill to see my name!! I got so giddy when I saw it along w/Lilli's name. Love the pix of you and Donna. Love the projects that you did also!

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