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Lovely Cover :) Malou's favourite colour combo .

Glad you stayed home and had some fun!

Put a can of kittie nibblin's in the snowman's "hand" and see if Atti gives him a cuddle!

Love the cover! Andrea and I are taking one of the Donna classes too..... It's a party!

Michelle! Your blog's new look is AMAZINGLY beautiful, WoW. And I just love all the snowy pics, esp. the one of your house on your snow-covered street, and the one of Atticus' facination by the snowman being watched by his cat-owner. Thanks for all the magical beauty you capture and share.

Oh, a CIrCleJOurNAL!!!!
I am always the last to know about these things...I don't get out much anymore...:(
I love the pink! Can you hook a seester up?, LOL!

LOVE your journal, it is so pretty! and good idea to use it for your banner. see ya at the bookbinding class tomorrow!

cute journal cover! love the title/theme. can't wait to get started on these! so much fun! :)

Uhh, have fun at y0ur class w/donna downey and I really love the circle journal you did and I promise I will get ours from our blog group for a circle journal.

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