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These pages are GORGEOUS. Those would be dreamy bedroom colours.

Those kitties look like they like each other well enough :)

The journal is beautiful. I LOVE the different shades of pink with the single yellow tablet. The stamp that you used on the second picture on the pocket - I have the same one.... The Johanna stamps are great. I linked over there and discovered that she is from San Diego too!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!! The boys will be in intensive training all day today on the highly technical aspect of picking names out of a bowl. :)

oh my goodness what BEAUTIFUL pages. i am such a wannabee artist--i love getting to see such talent with just a click on my computer!love it, love it. and those stamps ARE marvelous.

You are way to kind, I love your pages.
Tommy looks just like our Penske but our cats would never be that close to each other without somebody geeting a nice claw to the nose....

Oh Michalle, your circle journal is breathtakingly out of this world beautiful. Now, I wish I wasn't such a chicken. I so love all of your journaling on your pages...kinda "me closing in on me" don't you think.

This is a gorgeous journal! I was introduced to Just Johanna stamps through Nancy James. They are so fun. xoxo

This is gorgeous! LOVE the pink and green and shabby chic of it all. Thanks for the link to the stamps. They're wonderful!!! Can't wait to see more of your journals.

Wow, totally cool journal---how fun to be involved, but yep, bit scary to send you're baby off into the big world! Looks like indoor therapy is giving your kitties bonding time!

i'm *loving* your journal with all the layers & great colors... now, i'm gonna have to check out the links on those stamps you are using...

it's me again...just dropped $34 on stamps, thanks Michelle...and paypal makes it way too easy, i didnt even have to get up and get my credit card! your DT stuff was 2cute BTW!

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