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Oooo baby, you know I LOVE my lemons and that looks so amazing I can almost taste the frosty, sweet-tartedness just from your image. My first taste of limoncello was in the form of a homemade Christmas gift a couple of years back and it was wonderful...a little more on the tart than sweet side which I seem to prefer. Time for a BevMo run I think.

Look at that great picture of the limoncello, all chilled like that, very nice, photography, Michelle! I really like what you did w/the beads and the pom-poms.

Oh, I've been wanting to try the Limoncello. I'm not much of a drinker but it seems like it would be so refreshing here in Houston during the blistering hot summer months!

what a lovely title...pom poms and limoncello. make me want to fix a beverage and get crafty!

I loves me some beads and pom poms! I've cleared out all the xmas decs, though, so none for me till next year. I need something to get excited about next year, anyway.

Renee, Is it not true I bought you your first Lemon Drop about five years ago at that restaurant on the coast a few miles south of San Francisco?
Good Times!

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