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I love love LOVE your pages! And you cat looks just like my cat :-)

Merry Christmas from Sweden!

Does Atticus think this is his new Christmas Tree Coat?


Your journal is great, I really love the style and the way it really makes the journalling the big thing and arty too!

okay I am totally loving your journal

I am just facinated with your pages and how you drew them. They are unique and beautiful. Plus gotta love cats who think they own everything!

beautiful pages and I love the pic of your kitty under the tree!

Lovin' your pages. That tree is fabulous!!!

i love your drawings. the photo of the cat under the tree skirt makes me smile.

Awwwww, Atticus is so adorable tucked into his Christmas tree bed! Thanks for sharing that sweetness and the continued sharing of your amazing journal!

OMG! Artsy Mama visited you!? (*falling to the floor and bowing submissively*) YOU have SO arrived!!, LOL! Merry Christmas and I am going to miss you! Please send me some insanity! Love your journal...can you do one for me...just write about stuff we have in common...:)

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