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Enjoyed that, thanks,

Thank you for sharing such a lovely magical Christmas Eve! Love to all!!1

Again, you gave so much more meaning to Christmas Eve for us all by sharing the picture of your Daddy's beautiful marker. And the wild geese are fantastic--like a dream.

Hi All,
I wanted to add it has been a cold, rainy, miserable day, a perfect Portland winter wonderland. Visiting the cemetary was good for both of us, a very calming effect (Michelle failed to mention a few missed turns in traffic that got my blood pressure up for a bit) and the Grotto is a very beautiful, tranquil place, Michelle finds much comfort there.
We found additional comfort at Kells too...
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Thank you Michelle (and Glen) for sharing your Christmas Eve with us. The kids (and grandbaby) were here and are gone now, and I was beginning to feel a little blue.....but when I saw Daddy's marker it was just what I needed. For some reason I always miss Daddy the most during Christmas, but this really helped. And I loved the picture of all those geese, I can only imagine it must have been quite an amazing sight in person. Much love to you all....

I can well imagine what you must have felt at the cemetary. I'm sure that was a soul-touching experience for you.

I remember eating lots of soda bread when I was in Ireland. It was everywhere!

Steve's falling asleep in front of A Christmas Carol. I think it's time for us to tuck in :)

Merry Christmas to you, Michelle. Thank you for all the inspiration and creativity that you bring to the world. I love it!! Here's to another year of art and blogging. Merry! Merry!

Thanks, Shell.
Loved it, Love You.

That's great that your dad's gravemarker had finally c0me in. That is very meaningful to you and your family. I also loved the picture of the grotto, we have those in the philippines and I loved going there, so peaceful.

that sounds like a perfect Christmas Eve!

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