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I like how you've sketched and written your journal. Has a whole different look.

I am totally loving your entries

Love it, Michelle! Your journal is so unique and so *amazing*! I just adore it!!!!!!!!!

I am so enjoying your journal. Love you stocking tradition. Ours similar.

Your journal pages are SO COOL !!!

I love your journal pages, they are so beautiful, and so YOU!

I also think the vet's sympathy card was so thoughtful of them. I received one from the vet after I had to have Redd put down. It was very sweet, with a drawing of a dog and kitty looking off into a sunset together, the dog's paw around the kitty, and I don't specifically remember what the inside said, but it was something to the effect of "here for a short season, but in our hearts forever". So true. Okay, now I'm faklempt, must go.....

Love seeing the progress of your Christmas journal----it's helping to remind me of why this time of year is so special!

Sweet card from your vet---things like that always make me cry...

I will speak for the Gary Cooper generation. He broke many hearts, but never intentionally. When he finally married, it was for keeps. He was THE strong, silent type but was also kind and noble. Sighhhh! As we "bobby soxers" would say back then, "Hubba Hubba!"

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