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Wow, you really are in the holiday spirit! Good for you.

Battery-operated papercutter? Never heard of such a thing. I immediately got this image of it roaming around your house during the night, like a kind of Energizer bunny with a blade that moves up and down (unless the lock is down, of course) :)

Wow, Christmas shopping already!? You are so on top of it!! I've begun to think about shopping, but haven't yet planned everything out... I'm happy we're in town this year for TG, but with the civil war game happening the day after here, I'm going to want to curl up around the wood stove and not go ANYWHERE! (at least until after the game starts---then it might be safe to venture out for a couple of hours...!)

Battery, HMN?
I don't know, that may be a tad bit too mod for me...I'm all for not losing a finger here and there, but OK,... I'm jealous!!!!:-)
Please let me see the book project! That sounds so interesting!

Wow, that is cool, battery operated paper cutter! Yay, for birthdays especially on Thanksgiving!

OK Gals, I just got to reading this stuff and see some clarification is needed. The batteries do not power the blade, they power a tiny little laser that projects a perfectly straight beam across the path where the blade will cut. Line up you substrate (the project) along the red beam, and cut. Perfect. If your husband is serious about woodworking, his radial and cutof saws have a similar feature.
Class dismissed!

Yada yada you'll be telling me not to stare into the laser beam with my remaining one good eye!

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