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Wow!!!! That purse is so CUTE! You did a great job, Michelle. YOu should definitely do a side business w/all the handicrafts that you do!

Oh Shell, your purse turned out so good! I love the inside cell phone pocket too. I was thinking about that very thing on the way home......see how alike we are!

Thank you again, for everything. I am so blessed to have you as a sister.

Love you, talk to you very soon.

Oh wow! You're so creative :)

I am blogging and about and I LOVE the purse! Let me know when you go into mass production! I am a bag junkie and have gone from designer to home made in 4 years! I am thinking about selling all of my bags and buying FABRIC! Another thing to love and hoard!

Cool bag---great job finishing it! My daughter has caught a sewing bug and has played with the sewing machine and making cool swirls on her pants these days---she eyed some bags while shopping a weekend ago and is interested in making some of her own now. I'll have to show her yours!! Nice job!

Yea! you did it and you are going to have so much fun carrying it. I love it too. I don't see any boo boos.

That purse is magnificently beautiful and full of Love! Lindsay Lohan or Jennifer Anniston would gladly pay at least $250 for a such a unique work of artistic design by michELLE gELLEr.

That little snot Lohan will pay $2500 for a purse from Shell Shell, but that lovely Jennifer can have one for free

LOL family, You all make me laugh and laugh. Exquistie bag, micELLE my bELLE

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