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I've never heard of a Mike's. But I want one. I spent 4 hours on the lawn mower and I deserve a Mike's.
I really really love the collage. Amazing depth. I love that you show us your assignments.

Sounds like a great night! I really love how you did the torso collage, I took a look at the close up, even amazing!

I so had the same evening! Minus the collaged torso, which is beautiful! I was along in my corner of the world cleared a space on my desk and went to work...The music was on and I had a nice glass of red...Sometimes simple is so underated! (ps...I love Mikes' too, but it costs about $3.25 a bottle here :( )

Wow, that's amazing! You did a great job. Hope you got all rested up tonight. Sounds like you'll need it tomorrow :)

hope you continued to get some relaxation dear (and hope you had a few more mike's...hehe)

Wow! Nice collage---you really captured the contours---I was thinking it was a sculpture! Are you sure it's not 3d? Sounds like you had a great weekend---love those family connected nights. Mike's must have a new flavor---they're one of my daughter's favorite drinks (can't believe I have a daughter old enough to drink...!) next to some weird neon blue concoctions she talks about...

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