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Hey girlfirend. I love both of these pages. You just reminded me that I was going to us a bit of map in one of my Gift Journals. I thought it might be good in the "him" journal. Thanks.

This is so darn cool!!! lUv the awesome art journal. I totally dig your handwriting. Can't wait to see the cards!

Whoa! Powerful stuff, Michelle. I'm gettin' goosebumps :)

Hi Michelle, I love the artwork about Daddy. I can't read it though.....rats! Maybe someday you can show me in person so I am see what it says, because I bet the words are beautiful too. Glad you're feeling better!

Shell Shell, I'm chillin' at work today and decided to check out your recent post. The page for your Dad is awsome. Just wanted you to know.
Enjoy the snow, we can put some out in the freezer and play with it next summer!

wow, poignant journaling about your dream... I needed that... thanks....

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