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Gorgeous, cheerful, pretty, festive,... just wonderful!

OMG, the banner is beautiful Michelle! I meant to tell you that I love the work you have been turning out. At times, it touches me so that it puts me in a very quiet place and if you know me, which I believe you do, you know that's a compliment. I'm referring to your "Dream" artwork in post previous. In a day or two I may go back to post my remarks in reply to your utterly amazing expression and work. Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to our Mom!

Oooh, that banner is giving me an idea---can I borrow your design?! It would be fun to make a banner like this to drape on our mantel for the holiday season with cool Christmas papers! Beautiful! & Happy birthday to you Mom!

typo... your Mom.... sorry....!

Thank you Michelle! I never never had a Birthday Banner. No one ever had a more beautifully artistic Happy Birthday Wish. Love you forever.

This is absolutely Beautiful :)

Happy birthday Mrs. Jean! What a beautiful banner, Michelle!!!

Happy Birthday Michelle's Mother.
Love the banner. Inspiration!

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