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Sorry about your tooth, but that's good that you got it fixed right away! I hate, hate going to the dentist! Luv how you describe just takin' it easy!

Oh, my poor seestor. I'm sorry you had tooth problems, but you did go right away and get it fixed. You are such a brave little soldierette.

I get to go the dentist in a week or so, and I am jazzed. It's for my six month exam, but you know how bizarre I am when it comes to denistry, I get a case of happy feet just thinking about it! (Just consider the source...)

Love you, take care of yourself and feel better!

Ah, i remember that fireplace and that rain and that Atticus. Seems like it was just last week that I was...hey, wait a minute. It WAS just last week that I was there with you guys in your cozily-appointed home sweet home. Sounds like you made an ideal after the ordeal time for yourself...good girl!
As for Simone and her dentist fixation...not quite sure what to make of that! While i don't exactly hate to go to the dentist, and despite the fact that he's awfully good-looking, I certainly DON'T get "happy feet" or happy anything else at the prospect of reclining in his chair. Coincidentally though, I have an appointment next week to get a crown. Oh joy.

Sorry about your tooth. Must have been really bad to go so immediately. I tend to put that off. Also, you are so brave about the art class.

Happy Feet? At the dentist?
Simone, is this before or after the dentist gioves you "medicine" prior to the treatment? In other news, the Blazers beat the Lakers 101-90, a terrific game. Martell Webster rocks!

Ouchie! Hope your mouth is feeling better today!! :)

Oh ouch---I feel your pain! Literally!! Sadly we don't have much in the way of dental insurance, so I've been putting off the repair of my tooth nuisance! I've learned to eat slowly, and keep anything hard away from that particular tooth---then again, maybe it's not as bad as yours is---I chewed gum today and it didn't hurt...

Contemplating a trip out of the country to get my tooth fixed---vacation & dental work---any travel agencies onto that package yet?!

I agree a hundred percent in your opinion! Visiting an consulting a dentist is very important especially if you have dental problems and also for prevention.

That's a good move right there. If you don't know any quick remedies for your dental problems or you're not sure how to treat them on your own, calling the dentist is the best move you can make. If you can go to the dentist's office, then go ahead and pay him or her a visit.

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