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Michelle!!!! OMG, this is an awesome LO/Collage!!! I really have some talented blog buddies!!!

So cool! Your teacher must be thrilled with the high caliber of your work :)

This is unbelievable. Makes me want to do it. Looks like so much fun and I can see how the tediousness of it could be relaxing. Works for me.

I want to wish you first of all a very Happy Birthday and a happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy it w/your love of life, Glen and your pretty daugther, Miranda!

Wow! Great collage! What are you using to adhere all those little bits? I know what you mean about the meditative tedium---sometimes it's so nice to just relax that brain & do semi-mindless things like gluing bits of paper into fun shapes! That's why I enjoyed doing colored pencil paintings for a while---they're sooooooo slow, but in a relaxing meditative way :) (also why I like to work for my hubby pulling vinyl bits away from letters in his sign shop :)...)

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