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Hi, Birthday girl!!! I am so glad that you received your pressies right away! I was thinking that you were going to get it next week! I am so glad you liked it. I bought those kitty cat themed present becoz' I was thinkin' of cute atticus! You were so cute as a birthday girl, I am so glad that you are having a good birthday and a Thanksgiving. Luv Lilli's pressies to you also, she knows what we love!

Happy Birthday again Michelle. I am so glad to see all the goodies you received that brought you such joy, but even moreso, all the friends and family who love you so dearly (that includes me), and made sure that on this day, and every day, you know how extremely wonderful you are, and how many people's lives you have blessed just by being you! Your birthday has always been a day for celebrating, because it is the day WE received the best present ever......YOU!


Wow, what a grand birthday!! You deserve ever bit of it, girl. How wonderful and fun:):):) Happy Day!

Happy Birthday again. What a party you had! Great prezzies. Isn't this www amazing.

Yaay !!! I'm so glad it was a good one :)

Happy Birthday (week) and Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle! Got your voicemail once my cellphone came back into range as Nate and I re-entered civilization Thurs. Thank you for posting a photo of those turkey-roses I sent you. They really are beautiful, nearly as lovely as you...almost!

I am typing in the dark and I hope that you have had one of the most fantabulous birthdays EvAh!

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