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Are you KIDDING me, $15 for that beauty!!! OMG, what a great find, would love to have one like that for my sb room!!! Wow!

Fill it with something interesting, put a piece of glass over it, use it as a coffee table :)

It's about colors. We can't resist.

Are you familiar with Rebecca Sower? She had a printers tray she used as a photo collage---here's the website addy to go check it out:

I like the idea of placing glass on top and turning it into a coffee table---if you didn't permanantly attach your photos, fabric, trinkets, paper, etc. you could change it around every now and then as your interests (collection) changed!

(saw one of these at a grange hall bazaar last week and didn't buy it...can't remember what it cost, but seems like it was way more than what you paid or else I'd have considered it more seriously!)

I love the idea of making it into a collage. But what I've done with mine in the past and works quite well is something you might like to consider: Use it as a shelf for some of the hundreds of miniature what nots you've collected through the years!

I want another of those and the cabinet that they come in!

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