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Good attitude, Girl!

How refreshing to see there's another person out there who's SO HAPPY just like me! I am so happy and content with my life that it's just an overwhelming feeling of joy sometimes! I am lucky to have my own studio, loving family and security for the future. Life is good, though there are little things here and there that are fearful but as I face them, head on, I learn more and more about myself ! I'm HAVIN' FUN!
have a fearless weekend!

You said it all so good. My fear it that I'm running out of time before I get to be a real artist. But I am happy with all I do and have now.

Oh Michelle you expressed this so beautifully! How magnificent to hear about your artistic journey! So very illuminating!!

I understand your previous fear of whether something you make will be "original" and love how you conquered your fear! As I do landscapes I realize there are trillions of landscape painters out there---how can I be any different? But then I know, like you said, it's different because I did it---and all that make me me is what makes it unique. (it's quite obvious when several of us are working on the same scene and when we take our lunch break to admire each others paintings it's amazing how differently we've interpreted the same images!)

Keep playing and you'll discover your artistic love---you have so much talent and enthusiasm!

A-maze...ZING!!! (ly) stated!

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