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I used to go stamp shopping. I would make a special trip to a post office and ask them for the pretty stamps. Then I would send letters to my friends, written on pretty stationery, with a pretty stamp on the envelope :)

I know. Don't you just love the variety of stamps they have come out with. I got several different packets as well. Enjoy.

Yes, I agree. There are so many wonderful stamps out at any given time that I actually now consider stamp buying to be "shopping", or as we sisters like to call it, "retail therapy". :-)

Had the most fun with the set of stamps showing the wonders of America---was time consuming to figure which stamp to use for each piece of mail I sent! (a river stamp for the card I sent to my daughter at Outdoor school...her camp name was Rio=river; Great Lakes stamp for friend to remind how we visited Lake Superior together...)

It's almost hard to send them off! I like your idea of doing a page about them---one year I had to color copy a set of stamps to save the images for me---(before we all had scanners...)

I was a bit obsessed with the chili pepper/sunflower stamps for a while...geeze, the things we get into.
GUESS WHAT....I am now the proud owner of that GORGEOUS decorated printer's drawer Kari did!!

OMG, thank you for showing us the new stamps, I totally want to get the superfriends (coz' DH and I are a fan!!) plus the quilts those are pretty!

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