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Ah, Atti's such a Cutie! Good luck with getting the house ready for Sisters & Co. :)


Aw, Atticus is so sweetly cute! Don't you love how they tuck themselves in the most endearing positions & places?! Sorry about the other mess...

Atticus is such a cutie! I don't know how many times I have said that in the past when you post pix of Atticus but he totally is and he is such a character. Yay, for sister's coming over!!! Have a great time w/your sisters.

What is it about those crunchy bags that cats love so much? LOL My cat seeks them out all the time. Maybe it's the noise? Cute pics! :)

PS...I forgot to tell you...I have a cat for giving...she is evil as all get out and only wants to be petted on her terms and at her will...I am deathly afraid of her and will gladly ship her to you (at my expense, that is!) for a yard of grosgrain ribbon or a few vintage buttons!

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