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Gasp! I don't know what to say in response to all that amazing artsy experience you had. You look lovely. Great hair, and love the green jacket :)

Yes, swoon over all your trades. Your purse is going to be "to die for". You look great and we all have necks.

Wow oh W0w! What an exciting times you had at Art&Soul, I would probably go to if we had one here in California...very nice, love the bag, so far!

Great photos, great classes, totally cool purse (love what you're doing with the quote and flowers!), what an experience! I'm glad you're comfortable asking for photos with your art celebrities---I've become brave that way too---they're such great momentos of great memories---yep, you were there! P.S. you look like you're fairly tall---or were all your intructors short? :) (I'm only asking 'cause I'm sorta tall too :))

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