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Yummers! I've never had German Chocolate cake :)

Thank you for the birthday greetings for my little precious angel grandbabygirlperson.

That cake looks so yummy? Is it vegan? Perhaps Miranda can make one in a few weeks to help her Auntie celebrate being a Grandma!

I'm such a maroon! I didn't mean to put a question mark after yummy - it was SUPPOSED to be an exclamation mark. Like this !!! The picture is self-explanatory - YES, it is yummy!!

Note to self "must remember to proofread before hitting post".

Oooh! Rylie's other great aunt wants some of Miranda's cake too. Maybe we can all have some together when we all get together soon. I'm soooo happy about Rylie, I was in tears this morning after seeing her photo first thing upon coming in. She is such a pristine little angel! Gives absolute new meaning to the word PRECIOUS.
Love, Aunt Renee...
the Great

The cake does look good. A new little one to celebrate.
I have my first Art and Soul class tonight, Thursday. I am all Excited! It is finally here. I have other classes I am taking on Sunday and Monday too. It's like a kid waiting for Christmas.
Melissa Merrill

MMMMM, Yummie!!!

Just wanted to let Simone & Renee know, the cake was extremely yummy, of course it was vegan, sadly I only got one (large) slice as the next evening Miranda and her freinds had also celebrated the arrival of her second-cousin. Thank Heavens i had a back-up tray of brownies, and they did a heckuva job!
I will ask Miranda to make more treats for all when you gals are here end of month.
"I knew I was good but golly I'm Great Uncle Glen"

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