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Uhhh, nice presents. You are both lovely ladies!!! Love the bracelet you made. Isn't it fun to be surrounded by multitalented people such as you!

I'm there, I can feel the excitement. I love love your charm bracelet. I can't wait to hear more about it. Get as many pictures as you can of everything. k

I love the bracelet! Sounds almost like your on a vacation filled with wonder you're in heaven!

I am glad that you are having a blast at Art and Soul. I had my first class last night but in all the excitement and such I forgot to bring my camera to the class. All the goodies you show are just fabulous. Both of you look great in the picture and your braclet and earrings creation is awesome.

Love the bracelet and earrings -- you did such a great job. I've sent you a photo from the Ladies in the house class -- let me know if you have any problems opening it. I have some others to send!

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