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What a cozy, relaxing view :)

Looks so serene...must be beautiful during the fall...I love the autumn colours

Ouissi x

Oooh, nice upstairs view! My upstairs studio looks out on the house next door---oh boy. My downstairs studios look out on the house next door, but it's filtered thru giant sunflower plants---often with squeeky little finches hanging off munching the seeds. Might have to capture that image today---just to join in :).

That is a great view you have and can't wait for your "after" picture.

That view adds joy and beauty to my day. Looking forward to the same view in autumn and then winter, especially if it snows this year.

Oh, Yes pls. do take pictures! Love fall colors. That is such a beautiful view! I love windchimes and the sound it makes, it is so soothing to my soul...

This is a great view! To bad you can't see it really in night! Except it's full moon!

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