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that is such a cool little bag for your tools. I have to do that too coz' sometimes they want me to decorate envelopes at work and have no supplies or tools to used, great idea Michelle!

Oh, what a great idea ! I can imagine how handy those come in a lot! And I bet everybody at work and your friends know where to go when they need some special tools! ;)

How resourceful! I used to think I was so clever carrying around a Micra Leatherman on my key ring. Used that pair of scissors a lot and the knife came in handy so often---loved pulling it out of my pocket to share with "manly" men when it was needed! They were so impressed :). Sadly, 2 weeks ago, after a paint-out and using the blade to sharpen my pastel pencils it disappeared! We even went back to the farmer's field and the park I'd stopped at to look for it a couple of days later---no sign of it. My husband kindly offered me his as a replacement but has yet to pull it out. My keys feel so naked without it!

(whoa, extra coffee this morning---can you tell?) Mainly I'm curious where oh where you found the white Uniball signo pen????? I might have to make a special trip to Portland if it was somewhere local...

Love your tool bag too---terrific pattern!

I love your selection & the fact you carry them with you...lovely case too...

Ouissi x

Cool! So nice you can get your tools into a pouch and take them everywhere.

I have bone folder on my wish list!

I’ve got up to challenge 8 of the Ali E. challenges up. How’s your progress? Have a play when you can!

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