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Sounds great!
I love your tomatoes! Yummy! And that magazine looks so brilliant! You are tempting me to go out and look for it ;-)

What a cute little tomato face!!!

How many hours did it take you to upload the photos? :) Sorry, I couldn't resist an impish dial-up reference!

Neat magazine and great picture!

What a nice looking tomato plant, that is! I get my inspiration from magazines also that's why I frequent Barnes & Noble or border!!! I could live in there forever esp. in Papyrus!

Michelle you write it well, youhave such a gift and share it beautifully with us!
What you right is true, forcing never helped me unwind my creativity!

Lovely tomato! Those eyelashes are to die for ;)! What a great photo-capture!

Enjoyed your previous creative designs you shared in the post before this one---some cool things you're coming up with!

Artist's block is a crazy thing---sometimes you have the time, clean studio and everything ready to go but nothing happens. Other times, things are a mess & you're just raring to go & you still can't create anything. What helps me is my plein air group. It's a set time each week, we show up in an agreed upon place, we have until noon to come up with something & it makes me produce! I think I need that crack of a whip to nudge me---maybe I need to go get one for my studio ;)!

So true, and that tomato looks delicious!

I think I hear the tomato saying to me: "Come up and see me sometime." It looks a little like Mae West. Yes, I am certifiable.

So fun to read your post! So many different ways to solve artist block! And so many new ideas for blocked artist you can get in this weeks topic!

Those eyelashes on that tomato!!


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