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Oh my goodness. Can't believe it--cable TV--Whoohoo! A&E, The History Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, "Monk" on the USA Network, etc. Coincidentally, I also finally signed up for high speed internet. Installed it last Thursday. You will love it sooooo much. And I love you sooooo much.

Funny, I'm getting rid of my cable tv channels now that I've started school and NOW that I've been gifted with a lovely little rent increase. But you bet your life I'm keeping my high-speed internet -- it's my lifeline!! I'm so glad to hear you've had some days off of work. I'm having one as I sit here in the library typing this to ya. Liking it so much I called in sick (cough, cough) for yesterday!
Love Yous

Mercy, I had no idea that you weren't on high-speed. You are gonna love it. It sure spoils you quick. You sure do have a honey, mine won't even do the yard much less the carpet. I have him so spoiled.

i can't believe all you've been able to do without high-speed internet. yikes! welcome to the 21st century. :)

It is so good to have high speed internet, I really hated dial up!

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