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Can I hear an Amen!! Yes!! So happy for you and glad for all of us who have been missing your lovely sweet entries and pictures. Lots of Love.

Welcome to high speed internet!!! You will love it for sure! I am so over dial up (never liked it in the first place!!!) Yes, I really love that pix of you and Glen, awesome!

Isn't it amazing! I am so happy for you. Yes you really do look young and Glen is pretty too. I'm a little overwhelmed with your lace story. I just woke up from a dream that seems to is so on my mind that I thought I would write it down and make a little story out of it. But first I came to read you. Now I'm confused. High speed should only connect our computers not our brains.

YIPPEE for the high speed !!!

What a gorgeous post today! I'm going to add the portrait of you and Glen to my iPhoto album, "Geller Living." And oh my, I do so love that hen house and the connection you mentioned. I have such delightful memories likely as you do regarding, "The Egg and I." Myrna Loy and Fred McMurry right?...and Mommy explaining the plot, right?

Beautiful self portrait! Fun hen house, sounds like some great friends and congrats on the lace! Oh, also welcome to quick internet connections! Not sure I realized you weren't already are really going to be amazed by the difference. I remember all the multi-tasking I used to do with slow sites etc. (still do a lot of knitting while reading online!) Congrats!

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