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Whee! What fun to see your designs all official :)

This is JUST TOO COOL!!! MIchelle, you are one talented chick-a! Congratulations, those stamps are awesome. We are just too talented all of us, lilli, you and ME! Not being modest here, huh? Have a great night!

And you should be! excited! I just really really really love what they did with your bird. So clever to have the shadow and the outline. I have to have one. Now.
Oh, and are you loving the hi-speed?

WOW, WOW, WOW! How totally cool is that to have your designs on stamps! Love them all, but especially your doodle-scroll & the cool doodle words (ok, and the bird....and....) plus the card you made it lovely too! What fun :)

They are FABULOUS!! When the cursor is on your first photo the little box says "Just_Michelle" :)

I love them Michelle !!! they are GREAT !!! :)

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