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I remember those hook rugs! Didn't we have one in our apartment back in the day? (when we were two wild and crazy gals on Kittridge). I believe it was a lion. But perhaps you did not hook that one, maybe Renee did. I have hooked a few in my day too, rugs I mean.

I love your vintage finds!

Great googely moogely these pictures are HUGE! I'm thinkin' I should adjust my camera settings when I take pictures for the ol' bloggeroo! :-)

Shades of Home-Ec! Yeah I vaguely recall being kept out of trouble for the time it took to hook one or two of what animal, vegetable or mineral my memory has no clue. Maybe that lion was it. I think Melissa had one day acquired and handed down to me a large bag with the canvas, yarn and hook inside.

I'm very sure that it will come back to you when you work w/those thingamajigs. Sorry, when it comes to things like these I am not too familiar w/the things that you and Lilli used to make the rugs.

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