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I love a good kitty mystery :)

OK, you can blame the tye-dyed cat on Miranda's project but I'm thinking it's no kitty mystery. You are into altering cats! I'm surprised Lilli didn't catch this, she alters her shoes.

Oh what fun, a dye party! Used to do that once every summer with my fiber buddies---we would spin once a week, then during the summer we'd plan a dye day & gather in a backyard to dye wool, silk, angora, cotton and whatever else we could grab from our home before leaving for the day. My husband sported some pretty wild tighty-whiteys and crew sox some years! We never did dye any live animals as far as I know tho ;)!

Problem solved! Love the tye dyed shirts and those were the rejects? Wow, they are simply beautiful! Atticus is so CUTE! NIce pix of you w/Karly!

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