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Yes I most definitely have done that with my Granny so so many years ago. Matter of fact, I just wrote about it in a "Grandmother" book I am working on for grandkids for Christmas. I shared the memory. We are kindred spirits!

You brought back some memories with that blog. No, my granny didn't have a tomato patch, nor did my Mom. It was MY tomato patch and my son with me. We used to have lots of tomatoes and loved going out there watering, snipping and savoring. I love the smell of the tomato plants. It's just a smell that fills your chest with the savory smell of nature. Yep, nothing like the taste of a homegrown tomato.

I'm so happy you have these memories Shell Shell. I still have the same memories from my own grandmother's garden "down on the farm." Large ripe, fragrant tomatoes warm from the sunshine waiting for a hillbilly kid with a salt shaker (me)to come by. And my grandma in her lovely flowered dress (made from feed sacks) and the ever present bonnet for protection from the sun (no gentle southern lady could allow herself to sunburn) would be wielding a hoe against any weeds that dared to invade her garden. They were poor but the dinner table was always bountiful and delicious.

Yummy! Nope, unfortunately I've never taken a salt shaker to a tomato patch.

Did you know that Ali Edwards is going to be at Art House tomorrow?

"If you are in/around the Portland, Oregon area tomorrow come by Art House from 6-8pm for "Ali & Apple Pie." Gotta love that - a book signing with PIE."

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