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Yummy, I wanna eat those peas and tomatoes!!!
Come on over and check this out...
I've just put out a challenge I thought you would be interested in….I'm "hosting" a group of scrappers all wanting to do the challenges from Ali Edwards new book. Come over, check it out, and play along!!!

Looks wonderful! Me I'm the killer of plants lately LOL!

Great garden and love hearing about your roots. My granny rooted me in the dirt. Can I just have a little taste of those sugar snaps? I have grown them but it is just too hot in Texas. How is your HeART Journal coming or going?

Yummy! Great rooted connection :)! We too have a nice garden this year---but some weird squash that might be mutants... Took seeds from a delicious danish squash & planted them this year---not too sure what we have growing, but the plant is HUGE and keeps stretching out everywhere, & is producing these odd squash that don't quite look like danish squash... The yellow crooked neck squash I always plant have produced an odd fat zucchini "seal pup" and several withered teensy yellow squash! What is up! Had two cherry tomatoes today---so good (at least they're not mutating! They're just small bushes since my volunteer sunflowers are shading them too much...)

OH, I love this post and can so relate to the "soul nourishing" your garden gives you.
I love gardening too.
For me it's all about flowers and fruit, apples, blueberries, raspberies and blackberries.

Plants fear me! I am sorry, I adore looking at other people's garden but not partaking n gardening coz' I am known to kill plants. But those cherry tomatoes, looks so great, I love eating 'em!!!

how wonderful! my father planted a veggie garden more out of necessity than for the sheer joy of it...though, he did pass on the "green thumb" to me as i am wicked passionate for gardening!

thanks for sharing this lovely post.

Thanks for sharing your roots. Creating a garden is creative too. And there are so many beautiful flowers out there, I can understand your dad's pride to show his garden. My grandma loves her garden as well. It's her balance in the summertime.

I love this take on the theme...I would love to be greenfingered...

Ouissi x

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