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What a fabulous suitcase! I can't believe you got it so cheaply.

You make me want to go to Value Village soon, esp since I couldn't find a Michaels coupon in this week's paper :)

Sa-weeet! My teeth hurt!! What a bunch of cool finds :)---heading off to brush now ;0

That's a nice wooden thread rack! I'm glad you got it, very nice, indeed!

crack me up. I have the same problem of passing something up and then being haunted by it. I'm usually not so lucky when I go back IT'S GONE! and my heart is broken. love the bag and wish I could go to art and soul :0(

I really like the case formerly known as Dave Weinstein's case. I wonder if it belonged to Dave Weinstein the writer. Or if he's the same DW who said, and I quote, "In the beginning there was nothing. And God said, "Let there be light." And there was still nothing. But, you could see it."

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