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Yes, Vern here. I do know what you mean. I figured out that my passion is that I have so many passions. I use to fret about not having just one passion. Then I realized it's OK my passion is that I have lots of passions. Lucky me! My brain is always moving to the "next" before I'm done with the "now".

Amen, to that! UHH, I am so excited for you just imagine a stamp w/your handwriting! Cool beans!!!! I am friends w/a celebrity!!! Yay! Malou

I'm all about passions too! They just make life better, ya know? I wish my handwriting could be made into a stamp! Too cool!

hey:) I took a mini break from the blogs but am back and completely needed this post today Michelle. I have been struggling within myself about whether I wanted to stay in a profession that I don't like anymore. And this post really spoke to me. Thank you. I even copied it and gave it to a friend who is going through the same thing and she posted it up at her desk for inspiration:)

Oh yes, Michelle, I so know what you're talking about - Passion. I believe, at almost 49 years old - I have finally found my passion. It's art. Lots of it. Looking at it, creating it, talking about it or buying it. I was never artistic as a child, but somehow now my art is ok. Let your mind spin. Go thee forth and create!

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