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What a beautiful "dappled" wall with leaf shadows picture! And thanks for sharing the card for Rylie, as I was not present at the baby shower. But I hear that the blanket you made was very much loved by all, and upon reading your card, the Mommy-to-be hugged the blanket and happily sobbed in appreciation of your sweet artistry.

Love your card! and good for you for spotting a great photo on your wall :)

Yay! I am glad that you're computer is up and running again! Love the picture of that dappled wall, great catch! YOu are such an inspirational person to me. Love the card, you made very NICE, I mean beautiful! Love your journaling also!

Thank you for sharing the card too Shell. It not only made Tina cry, but it made me cry as well. You put into words exactly what I quietly say to Rylie (aka Tina's Tanner Bump) everytime I see her! :-)

Now do you suppose your Honey Bunny could come and figure out why I can't post pictures. Driving me crazy.
The card is precious just like the blanket. I wanted to touch the blanket.
And the picture inspires me. I seem to be drawn to leaves these days so I will probably use it as a creative prompt. OK

What a bunch of cool creations! The baby blanket and burp cloths are beautiful, and I'm not surprised how sweetly they were received :). The matching card is fun too, but I really love your inside greeting! It's so cool how you laid it out with the written lines & doodles :). Your photo of the reflected leaves is really cool too---good artist eye to notice & capture it!

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