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Just as I was checking in to your blog, the pictures of Lake Trillium, butterflies, etc., appeared before my very eyes. You must have just posted them and I was the first to see. Beautiful beyond words. What were those California butterflies doing up in Oregon? Well, they must be very smart to find you up in Oregon. Doubt if they will want to return south.

Beautiful Flutterbies and women :)

When I lived in Windsor (across from Detroit) we would go to Point Pelee Provincial Park during Monarch butterfly migration. There would be hundreds of them on a bush so that the bush would look like it had orange leaves! Butterflies are so magical.

Awww, sweet photo of you and your lovely daughter! We had the same butterflies on the Metolius river---haven't yet looked up what kind---now I don't have to! Thanks! I tried to get a digital photo of a group by the river, but they're just black blobs... slow camera! Not nearly as many as Mt. Hood area had tho! What fun :)

What beautiful pictures Shell. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to head on up that way and see some of that beauty for myself!

What beautiful pictures, Michelle. I hear Oregon is beautiful, but I've never been there. My hubby has and he says we should definitely go. I do think butterflies are magical. How cool to experience so many at one time!

Lovely, lovely pix! These are awesome esp. love the ones w/the beautiful butterflies! Too cold in CA that's why they went there to visit you! Love the pix w/you and miranda.

This was definitely a magical moment for those golden butterflies to come and see a beautiful Mother and Daughter.

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