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How do I think Rylie will love it? I know she will get lotsa use outta it and will love, cherish, treasure and adore it. Especially when she's a grown young lady and finds it in her "baby box" that hopefully Tina will save for her. Oh wait a minute...oops. I read now more clearly that you addressed your question to SiSi, not SIS! LOL. Hi Gramone! Isn't Rylie's banky pretty?

OMG, you did a great job!!! Sheesh, lady are you on break from work or somethin' you have been busy w/crafts!!! She will love it for sure!

Not only will she love it, she DID love it! It moved her to tears. No, not tears, it moved it her to balling like a baby (and I've got pictures to prove it!). It was a very precious moment and there wasn't a dry eye at the baby shower.

Everyone loved it, and appreciated all your hard work and creativity. I was so proud to be the sister of a textile artist and listen to everyone passing out kudo's to my talented sis! Thank you Shell, it meant more to both Tina and I than you will ever know.

Love you,

I am blushing with joy! Thank you Sisi!

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