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Fun stuff! LOVE these:)

Those are awesome stamps!!! Congrats! I Totally love the swirl stamp. Gee, I am friend w/a stamp genius celebrity!

Dear Shelly Shell: I thought I left a comment on how much I like your Happy Birthday doodle, but the Doodle doodle is absolutely beautiful. Maybe I didn't hit the "post" button. Will try again.

I LOVE your doodlie goodness!

Flanders: Hey Homer, I can see your Doodle!
Homer: Stupid Flanders!

Michelle, I like these A LOT!!

Hi Michelle:
I love your words that are being put into stamps. Isn't is just to darn cool to see something you have designed made into a rubber stamp that possibly millions of people will be using? Congrats on your designs. I know I will love having those stamps!

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