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Happy 5th!!! Hope the 4th was spectacular in every way!!! I LOVE all these cards/stamps, etc., but am partial to card #5! Lots of love from Mom!

I'm the WRONG person to ask to make a choice but I must say I love the peacocks with the "believe" msg. And yes, I DO recognize the design from Aunty H's tin. Sounds like your computer was just overwhelmed by all your creativity. Nice to hear an lesson learned of mine is still doing some good, haha.

I like your "believe" card and your "thank you" card the best---they're all very fun tho~!

I like Card 1, 3 and 5. But my very fave is Card 1 coz' of the beading work you did very awesome!!!!

OK, fav is the Thank You card. I really love that stamp and the way you used it. I got TONS of grief on the 4th trying to post a bunch of pictures. I thought it was Blogger but you are using typepad so who knows. Love all the cards.

Michelle, your cards are wonderful. I love your style! You can never have too many stamps on a card. Well done!

I love them all!! My favorite is the Birthday card, but I like the last one too, where you used a lot of stamps, and white ink (or embossing?)

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