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I was hoping that I could use some of my old polaroids that I removed from the peel and stick albums. I have some to practice with but are you saying they need to be fresher? Can't try it this weekend but it is on my "to do/try list".

that looks really fun. i keep trying to convince scott that we should invest in the equipment to do polaroid transfers, but he thinks i have plenty of hobbies. i really like the look of both methods.

OMG, that is too complicated for me but it looks like fun, though. I'm glad that you and Miranda can take a class together!

You can use Polaroid's that are old such as the ones Norah has. By "at least an hour old" I was trying to imply that you shouldn't take a Polaroid picture, develop it for the one minute and then try the emulsion process. It needs to "set" for at least an hour before being cut up.

Wow, thanks for the info---that bottom print with the ragged edges is really cool too---I like that the edge isn't smooth, but adds to the overall effect I think :). It gives it an almost underwater feel. Wonder where Brad's old poloroid camera is..... hmmm...

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