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Coolness! That must've been a great trip. Good for you, for being smart about your flying-nervousness :)

OMG, I love the pix of downtown Portland that is a cool shot, Michelle! Flying sounds like a lot of fun no wonder Glen loves it so much!

looks like a lot of fun Michelle:) That shot of Portland makes me happy I will be seeing that gorgeous town in a few weeks!

I am so Blessed! Never thought I would see my Darling Girl Shell Shell with that sweet smile flying at 8,300 ft over Mt. St. Helen's. I am totally verklempft!! All My Love from Mom.

Holy cow---what great pics! Makes my stomach feel like jelly tho---not sure I'd be ok w/a small plane flying around P.Town...I'm used to big planes that feel like you're sitting in a cramped living room! Good for you for working on your apprehensions!

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