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What a nice wife you are, empathetically prepping the house for your hubby.

I'm so happy for you, enjoying the transfer class so much. Artsy -craftsy classes are so great.

Good luck with the house prep and have fun with your day off :)

Aww, you are a sweet wife. No wonder you guys have been married over 25 years (it's a give and take for both of you!) Pls. do take pix so I know what is that class you are crazy about! It's a lovely summery day here in San Francisco!

Well get those pics up, I can't wait to see what you have done. I just did a little image transfer in my BOD and boy or boy it was fun. Want to see yours.
Yep, you know how to prioritize for a homecoming.

Ooooh, love image transfers---there are so many ways to do it! Am curious what you learned---can't wait to see pics :). I've always wanted to play with Poloroid transfers too, especially after a friend showed me her technique (her image is still up in my studio)---always thought it would be a fun way to make prints of my paintings!

Have fun playing today with Miranda----hope you find some great treasures---I like to call garage sales the last great American adventure, since you never know what you might find as you pull up at the curb of the next sale! I remember 25 years ago hitting the garage sales with a car load of my friends & us bounding out of the car exclaiming "I see it...It's mine!" flying into the sale in competition with one another---all as a big joke of course :)~!

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