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OMG - My dad had that album and loved it too. He was a bit deaf and would play it really loud on Sunday mornings when we did chores - and we rolled our eyes of course! Thanks for the memory!

I LOVE this photo of your dad! He looks like he was a happy, laidback guy you could always count on. Great post!

What a great day of memories! I'm having sooo much fun reading the blogs and seeing what pieces each artist has in her studio. I love seeing photographs of loved ones, personal items and music! It's a reminder of 'the good old days' and brings a sense of peace and satisfaction which leads us to be relaxed and able to create unbelievable ART!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Your dad looks so happy in that picture, like he had just been a little bit naughty and got caught! Totally adorable!!

We had that album, too! My dad and mom used to play that one and dance together! Good times! Thanks for sharing you memories and triggering mine!

Your dad does look like a very wonderful man w/c his smile. Don't you just love how an ordinary and everyday item can invoke a memory about that person who used that before. Thanks!

That's our Daddy! Wow, in seeing him on your blog with his glasses and hanky in the foreground, it's almost as though he's not really gone from us at all. Memories can be magic that way. Especially with the knack you have for presenting them. As for the album, I remember it well and how his eyes would mist at the sound of a song called The Lonely Bull in particular. Is that song on this album? Thank you so much for this wonderful posting!!

LOL I remember that album from my parent's house :)

Oh, MY Daddy!! I love that picture. When I logged on his sweet face just popped up and without hesitation I instantly said out loud "Hi Daddy". Renee is right, is it like he isn't even gone because with me, and I'm sure with you two, he is just a heartbeat away.

And I remember that album, boy do I remember it. I also can never hear Classical Gas without thinking of Daddy instantly.

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