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It's so great to hear how inspired you are about the potential of transfer techniques. I can hardly wait to get the scoop on polaroid transfers :)

Awesome Caramba. I was proud of myself for finally learning to use the label maker you gave me a couple of years ago for Christmas. We who are artistically challenged salute you!!! Love/Hugs

That stuff is SO cool Michelle! When I come to visit you'll have to give me a workshop and let me do some! Your artistic endeavors never cease to amaze me....

I can't wait to have time to try this. I'm gonna go get me some Lacquer Thinner today. But I don't have easy access to color copies. I show and tell when I do it.
Thanks for the e-workshop.

This is awesome. I remember kinda doing something like this back in high school but totally different but the same concept though. I love the one w/the Asian model! REally wonderful job you did. Can't wait to see the rest. Malou

Cooool! I think my sweetie has some lacquer thinner out in his shop---this looks like something fun I need to try & do~! I wonder if I can make some prints from some of my paintings this way...or cards...or...hmmmm... (always trying to figure how to make new artwork from already created artwork---extend the life of one original into many smaller originals...) You've got my wheels turning!

cool stuff! I'm just reading "altered images" and learning about all the transfer methods. It is so cool, I agree with you!

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