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My goodness! What a great shopping day you guys had. Thanks for the pix :)

that sounds like a wonderful day Michelle...I'm going to have to rememberr some of these stores the next time I get to Portland:)

Uhh, I like that rock! Sounds like you guys had fun shopping (Yay, Michelle you are my hero!) Miranda is so beautiful, I love that pix!

That picture of Miranda is beautiful Michelle! You should enter that in any upcoming photo contests....and I mean that. She is an exquisitely beautiful young woman anyway, but something about the simplicity of that photo enchances her natural beauty, and it's as though we can look into her soul through those
gorgeous eyes!! Incredible photo!! Love it!

I meant "enhances" her natural enchances it. That's what I get for typing late at night, when I should be in bed!
"Please excuse that and any other typos", she said, as she hung her head in utter shame and embarrassment.

Yes, breathtaking pic of Miranda on all levels. That is one that should be enlarged and placed in an art gallery.

Also, I am regretful of all the ancient spools of thread, cards of bric-a-brac trimming for dresses, and buttons I have thrown away. You know I come from the era when there was no "Goodwill." Old clothing was cut up for quilting scraps, used for scrub rags, or dust cloths. And always the buttons were cut off first and placed in a big button jar. And we always knew the "history" of each particular button and the garment it had been on. Poor but good sweet times.

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