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love that pic of you and your sweetie!!

What a sweet picture Michelle. You are so loved, not just by Glen, but by SO many people (and that includes me!).

Aww, Michelle. You and Glen are such a beautiful couple I love tis pix of you guys. I am so happy to see people that are so much inlove. Gosh, haven't watched a video for awhile so thanks for the recommendation. Later my dear friend. Malou

Beautiful photo, honey. Your face looks so precious beyond belief. And you miss Glen, don't ya? ahhhh

It's Friday June 16, 7:30Am as i write this. I'm in Kalispell Montana thru next Friday. Michelle IS indeed loved, and missed, by me more than anybody. She is so lucky to have such great Sisters and family near and far, friends around the world, and her magic invisible bloggy buddies.
Love you Sweetheart,

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