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Wow, Shell, you've had a busy, busy week. I got tired just reading about it. I am SO, SO glad that it is Friday!

And you're family LOVES you SO much!!

I love Emmy Lou & Mark's new album!!! Heard the song "All the Roadrunning" on the radio while working at the gallery, and was so sad to hear it would be another month before the album was released! Then when shopping for my husband's birthday gift, (with him) he received a 10.00 credit for future shopping at Best Buy for spending over $100. Oddly he couldn't think of a cd to purchase, but I could, and he bought it on the spot & we listened to Emmy & Mark the rest of the day together! I was so happy that the rest of the album lived up to the one song I'd heard :).

Sounds like a productive week you've had---and a busy weekend ahead---hope you get some studio time and a chance to relax too.

Phew! I felt like I did those things also you have had a lot on your plate but all good things!

oh by the way, you did a great job on the cards that you did for the rubber stamps!

yes, you did do a great job on the cards for the rubber stamps!

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