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That settles it! I am going to Portland. OMG, OMG, OMG! Thank you, thank you so much for taking these lovely pix! I love 'em. You lucky girl you are right this is such a wonderful store. I am so envious and that blue bag that you bought OMG I so want to buy that one. You know that I'm a bag-freak! You deserve a lovely bag coz' you are a wonderful lady. I'm glad that you had a nice time w/Casey but sorry for Amanda's friend (the poor bikers in California-there are bad drivers out there). Have a sweet day also, Malou

Dearest Michelle, I am in 7th heaven! These are the colours that make my heart sing. Thank you so much for taking pix for us. You're the Best :)

As per yer request, I've posted pix of how chunky my journal is

Hey MGeller,

I just wanted to say bonsoir, and let you know that I lurked in your journal. ;) Good shtuff!!!

Susan the red-haired wonder

ok, so i spent waaaay too much time exploring that little site today. i feel like re-branding with pink vintage floral wallpaper. so pretty!

Why have I never heard of this cute little shop??? We love the Broadway area, and it's often one of the places we wander when we visit P-town! I know where I'm going next time.... Squeezingly CUTE!

I am gonna have to stop by that place when I'm in Portland next month:)

Ohhh I want to spend time in Portland! Baking here in the California desert leaves me longing for coolness * creative inspirations.
Thanks So Much for sharing this!
Mb in JT

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