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You're an "A" student now, Baby!

You've got a smorgasbord of stamps!

I envy the Pam pack. Maybe next week when you've stopped drooling, you can take the pieces out and pet them before putting them back :)

Love your garden! Today I planted a window box with bubblegum pink impatiens and dark purple dangly-thingies.....drat, can never remember their names!

I can tell the difference in your bird stamps. Yours looks like a Japanese crane, whereas the others look more North American :)

He, he, he look at you ladies talk! I wish I knew how to plant. I'm just an admirer of people who has green thumbs. Those stamps are to die for! Especially the Eiffel tower (is she selling in that her website coz' I collect Eiffel tower stamps and anything eiffel tower. Congrats on your A you deserve it coz' WE know you work so hard. Yummy on the sushi and I know we will be having sushi also tomorrow coz' Thursday is sushi day for us at work! Have fun. Love ya. Malou

ooh la la, those ARE nice stamps. ok, i have a totally weird confession to make here. whenever i see my stamps on the shelf at cat's, i want to BUY them. i see them and think, "self, i really like those - i should get some" - like that's my thought process before my brain registers that they're mine and i already have them. duh.

oh my goodness - that birthday card is sooo fabulous!

hi malou! i have an eiffel tower collection too. i suddenly started collecting them some time last year. and then i must have been channeling good eiffel tower energy, because in the fall i got to go to paris for work. tres chick. ;) anyway, you can order the stamps from - just call/email/fax her and tell her waht you want and how you want to pay for it. i'm not selling them directly myself - i don't like dealing with the money stuff.

Love those stamps - I wish someone would make some stuff like that for digital scrapping. *sigh* Love your garden - I use raised beds too which are soooo easy to plant and weed! Happy eating!!

Congrats on the A. And about the Teesha stencils and the Michelle stamps....just goes to show that great minds think alike! I want some of the Michelle stamps.

Michelle, Don't forget to water the "back forty"! That's the forty corn plants I seeded in the backyard garden area we used to call "the Vineyard". Now it is a multi-use agricultuaral area. I expect the corn to be as high as an elephants eye, unless the sagging fence topples and smashes 'em flat.
Have a good day, Shell Shell!
Love ya,

Your garden looks wonderful! Ours is coming along too, though it is more my hubby's domain than least until there are scads of tomatoes to be picked and canned. :} And I'm so with you on the journal thing. I can't tell you how many I have on my shelf that I've bought just because they called to me...they could probably last me for another decade. But it doesn't stop me from buying more. LOL

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