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If only that lazy little lima bean Atticus would get up, go out front and pick all the little flowers from the lawn, then all would be right with the world.
It's in your paws, buddy, make the world right, OK? Atticus?
Aw geez, he's probably not even on-line today...

Atticus is such a cutie pie! Yes, he does loves his mommy! He, He, Glen cracks me up! Michelle, I wanted to let you know I did squint my eyes and they do look like the milky way! I'm such a silly girl, huh! Luvs Malou

That’s a nice name for a pet! What’s the inspiration behind that name? Does Atticus like to go there in your lawn? An area filled with greens might attract him… Or maybe he just found a better place to take a nap, which is your bed. LOL!

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